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The Rotobrush system is ideal for most homes and the most effective
way to clean ducts in manufactured homes

The Rotobrush uses a rotating power brush, with different size brushes for different duct
sizes to scrub your duct. This is immediately followed by a powerful vacuum head to pick
up all the dust and settlement the brushes kick up. Climate-Pro’s Heating & Cooling LLC
clean every heat run that is accessible and both trunk lines (supply and return).
The use of a microbial sanitizer is used to disinfect your ducting system.

Climate-Pro’s Heating & Cooling LLC has been using this system for a few years now,
and are always impressed with the results! Many "duct cleaning" companies are not
licensed to work on furnaces or air conditioners, nor do they have the knowledge.
As a licensed mechanical contractor, Climate-Pro’s will inspect and analyze the
entire heating system, including cleaning of the furnace and make necessary
recommendations and/or adjustments at no extra cost.

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